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A home purchase is a significant and expensive transaction with long-term financial implications. Buying a home wisely, at the right price and terms, can provide a lifetime of benefits and enjoyment. In order to make the best possible home buying decisions, you need to have the best possible information, guidance and expertise focused on your needs and concerns.

Making Realty a Reality


You can look at all of the listings on line that you like, but how can you buy a house if you cannot get inside to see it? Nothing is worse than not having an agent available to show you the houses you like. I work around your schedule for showings. 


(or text?... or email?...)

Communication is the name of the game!  I am happy to always meet with you in person, converse via phone, email, text.  Whatever means best suits your preference.


Sometimes modern technologiy creates an impersonal relationship.  I always strive to give you the best customer service.  I am dedicated to establishing relationships with my clients based on trust, integrity and exceptional results.


Ahhh... the ease of technology!  Your time is valuable. Why spend more time on something than you have to? Signing documents can be done for your convenience with electronic signatures.  Important contract dates can be sent right to your calendar. Listings of active, coming soon, and under contract properties that meet your search criteria can pop in your email according to your delivery frequency...and the listings are exactly what real estate agents see in real time!



Although part of my job is to facilitate the real estate transaction, I always work for what is in your best interest.  Whether it's giving you detailed information on houses, analyzing price, value and market conditions, recommending financing options, reviewing contract terms and contingencies, it is all done to negotiate the best possible deal on your purchase. 


I am a problem-solver. Representing both sellers and buyers for over 10 years has exposed me to the intricacies of real estate. I am always available for questions and guidance.  I want you to be the most educated buyer from the financials, to the house search, to the contract terms, to the closing so you feel confidant and savvy throughout the entire process. 

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